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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Q: Why am I asked to share my location?

A: Based on your location you will see users and meet-ups near by. Your location is not stored by us and your location or distance to other users or meetups will not be shown to other users. Never.

Q: Why am I asked to allow push messages?

A: Push messages only inform you about useful events: if you have received a chat message, if somebody follows you or if somebody comments on your post or meet-up.

Q: How can I find other users that are interesting for me?

A: Go to the users tab on the left and check out profile near you. Use the filter icon on the top right to limit results to people from your home country or to people who speak the same language like you.

Q: How can I connect to other users that look interesting to me?

A: As a first step simply „follow” other users. This way their posts and meetups will appear in your stream. 

Q: Who will be able to see my posts in the stream?

A: Only users who follow you will see your posts. You can see who is following you in the contact tab on the right.

Q: How can I chat with another user?

A: You can chat to users that you follow or that follow you. The chat will list displays those users. Users with the latest conversation appear on top of the list.

Q: Does WeAbroad allow for group chats?

A: Yes. We call group chat „chat rooms“. Within the chat simply click the icon for several people, go to the „…“-menu and create a chat room. After that go to the „…“ menu again and simply invite as many users from your followers or followees as you like.

Q: Do meetups require an address to be entered?

A: No, if you don’t enter an address make sure that you mention the venue or location in the meetup-title.